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Turbine start systems

Turbine start systems

Turbine start systems are used to start gas turbines on marine vessels.

Standard Version
Nominal width: DN 100
Rated Pressure: PN 330 bar
Operating temperature: -30 to +80 °C
Installation position: Any
Connections: Threaded connections/ Flanges
Body: 2.0967
Internal parts: 2.0967/ 2.0958/ 1.4301
Seals: NBR/ PA6.6

Turbine start system

Gas turbines are used on larger marine vessels in addition to diesel engines to achieve higher speeds. The turbines are started by large volumes of compressed air at low pressure.

The SAB turbine start reducing station was designed for the LM 2500 gas turbine but can be adapted to enable the start for alternative turbine suppliers.

The two stage design of SABs turbine start reducing station provides very accurate outlet pressure even on highly unsteady inlet pressure and flow rates. The Nickel Aluminium Bronze reducing station is equipped with SAB standard valve inserts in a monobock housing. They are designed for mass flows up to 2 kg/s at an outlet pressure of 3,5 bar.

Our innovative design provides high flow to outlet allwoing multi start possibilities in comparison to other turbine start systems. This is achieved by the addition of a regulation mechanism that increases outlet area of the second stage at high flows. The system is totally integral to the manifold block without need of any additional mechanism.