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Built in breathing system

Built in breathing system

If the air on board of a submarine becomes contaminated due to fire or flooding then an integrated BIBS will supply breathing air or breathing gas (Nitrox) to the crew.

Standard Version
Nominal width: DN 20 to 32 DN
Rated pressure: Up to PN 260 bar
Operating temperature: -30 to +80 °C
Installation position: Any
Connections: Threaded connections
Body: 2.0967
Internal Parts: 2.0967/ 2.0958/ 1.4301
Seals: NBR/ PA6.6

Built in breathing systems - Explanation

The SAB System is a fully integrated reducing station which reduces HP air from the cylinder bank to LP suitable to be distributetd to the hoses of the breathing masks.

SABs BIBS stations integrate all functions of supply for the crew in one block. In addition to the "usual" BIBS stations they can also integrate the Habetas/ Hood inflation system connection, diver bottle filling connections and other suplies of breathing air.

The SAB system is equipped with slow opening two stage valves rather than the problematic diaphragm piercing valves which are often used in other systems. These offer all the usual functions but won't be damaged when used.

The SAB system will be 100 % suitable in fit, form and function to existing systems and therefore allow a one-to-one replacement on submarines which are in use.

These BIBS stations will provide a much higher flow rate, whilst providing the advantages of our slow opening valves.