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Pressure reducer

Single-stage pressure reducing station

Single-stage pressure reducing station

The single- stage pressure reducing station is used for pressure reduction of compressed air and other neutral gases. The station is equipped with inlet and outlet valves, bypass valve, safety valve, manometer, filter and dome pressure reducer.

The single-stage pressure reducing station is assembled ready to connect.

Standard Version
Nominal width: DN 6 to DN 32
Rated pressure: Up to PN 260 bar
Operating temperature: -30 to +80°C
Operating medium: Compressed air and neutral gases
Inlet pressure: 250 bar
Installation position: Any
Connections: Threaded connections
Filter mesh: 25 µm
Funtional test: Pressure reducer ( including flow measurement), safety valve
Body: 2.0967
Internal parts: 2.0967 / 2.0958 / 1.4401
Seals: NBR / PA6.6