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Pressure reducer

Multi-stage Pressure Reducing Station

Multi-stage Pressure Reducing Station

The multi-stage pressure reducing station is used for pressure reduction of compressed air and other neutral gases. It facilitates the reduction and distribution of the compressed air in 2, 3 or maximum 4 different pressure stages. The station is equipped with inlet and outlet valves, bypass valve, safety valve, manometer, filter, dome pressure reducer.

 The multi-stage pressure reducing station is assembled ready to connect.

Standard Version
Nominal width: DN 6 to DN 32
Rated pressure: Up to PN 260 bar
Operating temperature: -30 to +80°C
Operating medium: Compressed air and neutral gases
Inlet pressure: 250 bar
Installation position: Any
Connections: Threaded connections
Filter mesh: 25 µm
After-pressure: 1 to 220 bar (freely selectable for each stage)
Functional test: Pressure reducer (including flow measurement)
Body: 2.0967
Internal parts: 2.0967 / 2.0958 / 1.4401
Seals: NBR / PA6.6