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Three F480 Automatic filters with vertical installation were delivered. F480 filters are extremely reliable and especially designed for this unique task. The modern controller enables the optimization and adaption of all processes during process, in the explosion endangered ATEX zone.

  • Filter details:
  • Automaticfilter: 3 x F480 / DN 700 with a Filter fines of 1 mm and a Steel rubber lined body
  • Flow: up to 20.000 m³/h at a design pressure of 4,8 bar
  • Temperatur: Standard ambient arctic temperature
  • Flushing: time and differential pressure controlled

Characteristics / Why SAB! : SAB has been chosen because of the sensitivity and the prime importance of the cooling system for the regasification process.The advantages of the special, customised SAB Schünemann filter design, made it fit for highest ambient requirements. This unique flexible and compact filter design provides the highest available degree of safety. Additional to that, SAB possesses process- and component knowledge beyond the filter and was able to help the customer implementing the filter into the process. Superior filter design, and a short lead time, as well as cost within in budget, have been decisive factors. SAB was also able to fulfill all parameters of the ATEX Explosion protection requirements.