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Automatic filter F480

Automatic filter F480

Automatic filter F480

All industry is currently experiencing increasing needs for cooling and processingwater. As a result, requirements have grown for greater efficiency in filtration and for protection of downstream plant equipment in general. For SAB the logical conclusion lays in further development of our self-cleaning F450 filter to create our new F480. This new development enables considerably higher flow performance with a relatively small foot print, increases efficiency and long-life cycle of heat exchangers plates, and prolongs service life of the complete plant.

Automatic cleaning makes the difference

With a maximum flow rate of 45,000m³/h and connection sizes up to DN 2000 (80"), the F480 protects your equipment from clogging, contamination and damage. Precisely controlled and fully automated, the F480 operates continuously without unplanned shutdowns. SAB offers you top - quality german engineering with the accuracy and reliability of a swiss clock - all thanks to the principle discovered by the Dutch engineer Daniel Bernoulli.

Compact to save space and costs

The innovative strainer design of the F480 enables SAB to offer an extremely compact design that is the key to minimising costs. The space saving design allows technicians easy access for the service of the pump and helps to prevent problems in leakage and effective maintenance which ensures costs.

Integrated electronic control

The improved electronic control unit supplied with the F480 is both easy to use and easy to monitor with an integrated touch Screen. It can be integrated into a distribution control system.

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