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Multi X – Exceptional Performance is our Standard

Multi X – Exceptional Performance is our Standard

SAB invented the Multi-Bernoulli filter in 2010 to meet the increasing market demand for finer filtration and higher volume flows. This design utilizes the advantages of the proven Bernoulli based cleaning principle, such as low flushing pressure and unmatched cleaning efficiency, integrating multiple strainers in one filter housing.

The revolutionary MULTI X design combines the advanced Multi-Bernoulli filter technology with a smart and modular cast design offering unique technical advantages and short delivery times.

Grade of Filtration

The MULTI X ensures the safe protection of our customer’s applications with a consistently high filtration quality down to 40 µm. The proven Multi-Bernoulli technology warrants a continues and effective filtration even at low operating pressures starting from only 0.7 bar.

Backflush Rate
Exceptionally low backflush rates of less than 1% of the total volume flow are possible and underline the unmatched efficiency of the MULTI X. While maximizing the clean water flow the waste water flow is reduced to a minimum.

Compact Design

With its smart and modular design, the MULTI X offers a considerably smaller footprint saving up to 40% of space compared to conventional filter solutions. This compact design based on smaller and standardized components, reduces the required maintenance space and efforts significantly. The flanges are arranged in-line to ensure an easy piping integration without any height offset.