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Automatikfilter F451

F451 Automatic filter

F451 Automatic filter

As if SAB filters were not compact enough, the F451 impresses with a significantly more compact design. Thanks to a highly intelligent design approximately 30% to 40% of real estate can be recovered within the installation space. Furthermore we will implement the use of 1.4581, 1.4557 and GGG40 for the filters’ housings. Working closely with operators can always help us in identifying the right material for the right requirements: GGG-40 as a more ‘standard’ material usable even in seawater; 1.4581: an austenitic steel ideal for use with river and process water; and 1.4557: a super austenitic steel – highly corrosion resistant and ideal for seawater and even chlorinated water.

 A new, patented cover system guarantees easy maintenance of the filters in their various positions - due to their compactness, low weight, screw connection and piping.

While SAB’s design team has worked tirelessly to obtain external improvements on the filter, let’s not forget their internal advantages! A spring-closing backwash valve was designed specifically for the F451; a cylinder with an integrated solenoid valve battery and the standard use of edge splitter screens allows for more than 50% of free screen area – these are merely a few of the technical innovations of this filter series.
A leakage protection system developed by Schünemann in the filter cover prevents water from entering the backwash cylinder and corroding it. Every SAB filter were delivered with an interference-insensitive board control with LED display, as a standard. This is equipped with inputs / outputs for operation, flushing and error messages. Need this adapted? Just ask us, and we can customize! Of course, F451 filter can also be equipped with any SAB, or other control.
The back flush pipe, or pressurized drain, of the automatic filter is controlled by a time or a differential pressure; it does not start flushing unless and until the maximum dp is met, or the timer triggers cleaning. The dirt load, or degree of contamination, is displayed on the differential pressure switch. F451 filter guarantees solid protection against both clogging and fouling.

Schünemann guarantees continuous filter operation from a flow rate as low as 5m³/h, a filter fineness of 100my and an operating pressure of at least 0.7 bar. The filters can  meet all major design codes: ASME or ATEX, etc.

Schünemann is set to create a new benchmark in filtration technology and business.