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Strainers & Accessories


Besides the standard strainers for the SAB-filters, Schünemann also designs and manufactures special strainers according to customer requirements. We keep many perforated plates, stainless steel meshes and slot wedge wire pipes in different sizes and fineness on stock. This enables a flexible and short delivery time.

Delivery program:

  • Basket strainer
  • Ring type strainer
  • Slot wedge wire strainer
  • Multi-mantle strainer
  • Conical strainer
  • Special strainers acc. customer requirements

Magnetic Inserts

Our permanently magnetic filter inserts are available as an optional extra for the SAB-filters. They are cleaning the medium from ferromagnetic impurities and are used wherever abrasion or splintering occurs.

Delivery program:

  • Magnetic mushroom
  • Magnetic bar

Differential Pressure Indicator

The SAB differential pressure indicators show the degree of contamination inside the strainer or rather the pressure drop of the filter. They are either provided with an optical display or in addition with electrical switch contact and/or changeover contact. or a using a suitable differential pressure indicator for every application, they are available with different display ranges and materials.