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Research & Development

Future-Oriented Innovations

Due to constant investments in our production and development and the special expertise of our employees, we provide our business partners not only with quality state-of-the-art products but also future-oriented innovations. Settings and functions are checked on five of our own testers, strength and leak tightness inspections as well as flow tests and pressure loss determinations are performed.  A top priority of our company policy is to permanently expand the technical boundary conditions and parameters in order to respond at any time to the challenges of the market with optimal research and development options and to secure and expand our market position with outstanding quality products. Various patents from our company are impressive evidence of this commitment to research and development. One of these patents is a multifunctional valve specially designed for the filling of monogases and/or gas mixtures in a particularly compact modular design. This valve complies with the extreme guidelines and conditions of the Federal Agency for Material Research and Testing (BAM) concerning burnout safety in the case of oxygen surges and has obtained the approval for applications with an operating pressure of up to 400 bar.