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New filter for new challenges

Once again SAB raise the bar with the brand new F460 automatic filter and leaves the competition far behind. More compact, even better cleaning efficiency and an exceptional price-performance-ratio. Available in sizes DN50 to DN600, with all the benefits of F450 / F480. Do not hesitate to contact us for more Details.

International shipyards trusting SAB

With the customized design of our F480’s SAB proof its flexibility and experience in filter manufacturing. For a Norwegian customer, filters of our series F480 got optimized to fit in smallest place by having the most available flow rate at once. Integration of SAB’s local control panel into the main control room to control the entire water circuit had been a further crucial factor to work with us.

Experience matters

Repeatedly a customer counts on our experience when it comes to demanding and safety-related applications. A new customer could be won for firefighting water filtrating. The use of our self-cleaning automatic filters F450 according ASME at 1600 m³/h (7,050 gpm) and 4 bar (60 psi) to protect spray-nozzles promise a secure and uninterruptible operation. We wish to our client that he only needs the filters for testing the entire equipment, not to fight fire

SAB became SCC** unrestricted approved

By getting the SCC** approval SAB again is ahead the curve to serve and support our customers even better. The SCC Safety Certificate Contractor Certification was introduced for contractors in the mineral oil processing industry and spreads out to all kind of major during these days. SCC becomes requested nowadays by all companies to unify requests and increase the standard from occupational health and safety - as well environmental protection systems.

SAB are therefore SCC** authorised und unrestricted approved to do safety-related service and maintenance for all kind of technical facilities or perform support in major industries like power plants, chemical petrochemical plants and refineries wherever it comes to have right in front highly experienced and skilled workers who knows what, when, where and how to do and protect customer employees, colleagues, themselves and the environment.

SAB act directly and in a great extent on health, safety and environmental standards. This will also affect the whole quality standard and shows again the innovative capacity of SAB.

SAB goes green

SAB delivers to one of the most important water protection authorities of China complete filter-pump-motor units to protect inshore waters. With our units we do work successfully on two applications :

Dirty effluents from different industries become pre-filtrated before getting back to lakes, ponds or rivers. On the other hand already contaminated waters become filtrated before entering the plant. Starting with our smallest, transportable unit (as shown at the image) for 25 m³/h at 3 bar there are no limits for applications. We are proud being able to contribute an important part of water and environmental protection with our team.

F450 all in purple

SAB delivered in cooperation with GEA/Italy two F450 DN 200 for a client in Oman.The self-cleaning automatic filters protect the plate heat exchanger from damage through secure pre-filtration of seawater. SAB convinced by the combination of highest quality and ensures all technical requirements.

under pressure

SAB builds with a leading gas turbine manufactures high pressure filters for power plants. Highest availability, quality which tells it’s own tale and the most modern manufacturing possibilities assuresb-the client to cooperate with SAB for this challenging project. If high pressure requires reliability we are the right ones to talk to.

24/7 on duty for our customers

To reduce a scheduled downtime as much as possible SAB did an entire service on 3 off F480 36” during an unprecedented campaign. Even here SAB proofs the unbeatable experience of our service technicians.

F480 opens up new horizons

Instead of only filtering an eddy flow of the cooling water in power plants the F480 is the first real self-cleaning filter for full flow filtrating. Either in cooling tower applications or in an open loop system. This will not only reduce installation time and avoid that a lot of different smaller filters for different use will be installed. Furthermore we are able to reduce service time and operating costs. Increasing efficiency and the possibility to operate the entire power plant with an higher energy efficiency saves a thousands of Dollars.


Three F480 Automatic filters with vertical installation were delivered. F480 filters are extremely reliable and especially designed for this unique task. The modern controller enables the optimization and adaption of all processes during process, in the explosion endangered ATEX zone.

SAB has been chosen because of the sensitivity and the prime importance of the cooling system for the regasification process.The advantages of the special, customised SAB Schünemann filter design, made it fit for highest ambient requirements. This unique flexible and compact filter design provides the highest available degree of safety. Additional to that, SAB possesses process- and component knowledge beyond the filter and was able to help the customer implementing the filter into the process. Superior filter design, and a short lead time, as well as cost within in budget, have been decisive factors. SAB was also able to fulfill all parameters of the ATEX Explosion protection requirements.