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SAB valves and filters on „Auguste Piccard“

The submarine „Auguste Piccard“ (Mesoscape PX-8) is a milestone in Swiss industrial history. More than 50 years ago –during EXPO64 in Lausanne- it carried more than 33.000 passengers on Geneva lake 150 m below the surface. Valves, Filters and HP-Air manifolds were supplied by SAB. According to Mr. Spinnler,  the engineer in charge, our valves did their job over the years without causing any problems. After the EXPO 64 the submarine was sold to Canada and used worldwide. In 1999 the submarine was brought back to Switzerland where it has been refurbished. It is currently displayed in the “Verkehrshaus” in Lucerne.

Newly developed valves for the Emergency-Blow-System

For a customer in the Far East SAB delivers its newly developed valves for the Emergency-Blow-System.

Big amounts of compressed air will flow through these valves in a short amount of time and will ensure the safety of submarines. Easy handling and safe operation characterize these system.

SAB has won the market with its newly designed on board BIBS-Station

SAB's newly designed BIBS station was selected and installed as the new replacement for the existing on-board competitive BIBS station on an operational NATO submarine. Its compact design, fitted with newly developed high flow, slow opening valves offers safe functioning and simple handling and meets 100% the required fit, form and function of the boat.