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Built in breathing systems

In case of fire, contaminated air on board of the submarine or flooding of the submarine an integrated Built in Breathing System will be used by the crew in order to breathe fresh air or breathing gas (Nitrox). The system consists mainly of cylinders which store the breathing air / gas, a pressure reducing station (BIBS) to reduce the HP air/gas to a pressure suitable for the breathing masks and couplings to connect the masks. The core of the system is the BIBS station which has to be very exact and reliable.

Integrate BIBS

The SAB system is a fully integrated reducing station which reduces HP air from the cylinder bank to LP suitable to be distributed via a hose connector to the hoses of the breathing masks. It can handle significantly higher flows than older BIBS on the market in order to supply breathing air for bigger crews.
The SAB system is equipped with slow opening valves rather than the problematic diaphragm piercing valves used in other systems. SAB’s latest design is an integrated BIBS station offering submarine designers even more advantages. Its design will accommodate larger crews and can integrate the Habetas / Hood inflation system connection, diver bottle filling connections and other supplies of breathing air on request.

Standard design bibs

The standard design of the BIBS station, that is similar in fit, form and function to any system on-board current build submarines, achieves these goals. It can handle significantly higher flows than older BIBS on the market in order to supply breathing air for bigger crews. It is in use as replacement for older BIBS as well as on new two compartment boats, as an addition to the Integrated BIBS. It is equipped with slow opening valves which eliminate the use of the known problematic diaphragm piercing valves.


SAB offers all components of the integrated BIBS-Station as stand-alone components:

  • Slow opening valves
  • Pressure reducers with safety relief valves for diver bottle filling
  • Diver bottle filling valves
  • Pressure reducers with safety relief valves for HIS-controllers

Additionally we supply for decades shipyards and navies with all sorts of components of the Built in Breathing System:

  • Hull valves
  • Filters
  • Safety relief valves
  • Shut-off and regulating valves

SAB has a full in-house test facility which includes the equipment required for the complete test of the BIBS. The test takes into account full strength, tightness, functional and flow tests. The flow tests can include flow tests in a pressure vessel at different ambient pressures.



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