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Simplex Filters

Simplex filters are available directly from stock. The type series F118 made of spheroidal graphite cast iron is mainly used for the filtration of water, oil and fuel. The F118 covers applications from the pure guard filter to the dirt accumulator with a sieve fineness of 20 µm.

Our welded F105 simplex filter which has been developed for higher pressures and aggressive media can be designed in accordance with the customer specification up to a pressure of 64 bar. The F105 can also be found in the area of filtration of acid gas. 


We provide the F112 for use in the high pressure range up to 200 bar, e.g. for the lubricating oil supply of sliding ring seals.


Duplex Filters

Our F101 and F311 duplex filters made of spheroidal graphite cast iron are designed for continuous and maintenance-free operation. The F311 can be switched to very easily using the A 300 Valve developed by us. Our F605 welded duplex filters are used for higher pressures or aggressive media. Customer-specific solutions are of course also possible.


Automatic Filters

Continuous operation around the clock for 365 days per year. Our range of automatic backflush filters covers a wide field of applications. Filter finenesses from 20 µm are possible with the F400 and F440 types. The F450 has been specially developed for the filtration of coolants. It operates according to the Bernoulli principle and can thus already be used with operating pressures from 0.3 bar. With a capacity of up to 7,000 m³/h, it can also be used for very large quantities of water. The F430 automatic filter with scraper is used for highly viscous and sticky media.


Marine filters

We will translate your specific nautical requirements into solutions. Our engineers can adjust the filter to the shape, material and installation space that you wish.


Closure Systems

Clamp and lever closures can be undone easily and quickly and are standard for the cast iron filters. Welded filters for higher pressures are bolted on. For applications with high safety requirements, the TÜV-approved cross quick-release coupling provides a safe, pressure-relieved and easy to use solution - including pivoting lever.



We can supply screen inserts overnight. Accessories also include magnetic inserts and trace heaters, differential pressure measuring instruments which signal the operating status in good time before reaching the maximum differential pressure. It goes without saying that we also supply customised screen inserts.