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November 2013

EXPORT – At its best!

Inhouse training at SAB

Export control in practice

To meet the requirements of SAB’s high degree on export and to be ahead the curve by our high export score, to embrace export control and to optimize our order handling we like to continue as a responsible, reliable and innovative partner to our clients. Therefore SAB organised an inter-divisional sensitising and intensive training.

Team members from the business units valves and filters, our apprentices as well as our managing director had been trained all-embracing by supervision of Mr. von der Burg from the industrial chamber of commerce Düsseldorf.

This enables the entire SAB team to process exports highly effective, customer orientated and first and foremost with the essential responsibility.

Therefore we are very pleased serving our clients under control of export rules and shipping document preparation to feature a smooth flow of the whole order. Finally this is a safe bet to prompt, tile-lag delivery.

Special thanks go to the
organiser, Mrs. Eichler and Mr. von der Burg.

October 2013

On October 7th, 2013 the online version of the German publication "Process" published an article written by us.

Here is the link to the article; unfortunately there is no English version of it.

August 2013

SAB Employees became SCC approved

By getting the SCC approval SAB again is ahead the curve to serve and support our customers even better!

The SCC Safety Certificate Contractor Certification was introduced for contractors in the mineral oil processing industry and spreads out to all kind of major during these days. SCC becomes requested nowadays by all companies to unify requests and increase the standard from occupational health and safety - as well environmental protection systems.

SAB are therefore SCC authorised und unrestricted approved to do safety-related service and maintenance for all kind of technical facilities or perform support in major industries like power plants, chemical petrochemical plants and refineries wherever it comes to have right in front highly experienced and skilled workers who knows what, when, where and how to do and protect customer employees, colleagues, themselves and the environment!

SAB act directly and in a great extent on health, safety and environmental standards. This will also affect the whole quality standard and shows again the innovative capacity of SAB.

We do not react, we act! So we are at any time a responsible and reliable partner to our customers. Always ahead the curve and on the way to new horizons.

Certificate as a PDF-File

August 2013

Online Customer Satisfaction Survey 2013

Time has come - the results of the first online customer survey of SAB are analyzed and - to our delight - very positively.
We are very pleased especially about the average grade of 1.83 about total satisfaction with SAB. Thank you for such a great feedback!

Of course improvement potential was also recognized in some points and we were very glad about getting tips and suggestions.
We thank you for your time and efforts and looking forward treading a path of permanent further development with you in the future.

April 2013

In April 2013 we have been certified by TÜV Nord System GmbH & Co. KG according to rule type "AD 2000-Merkblatt HP 0".

The certificate can be seen here.

March 2013

Filter statt Fouling

Stabilisierung der Energieausbeute bei Wärmetauschern durch Minimierung von Fouling

Den kompletten Artikel aus Verfahrenstechnik 3/2013 können Sie hier einsehen.

January 2013

Schünemann SAB delivers largest filters in entire company history


At a height of 6.5 m, a foot print of 3.5 by 3.0 m and a weight of roughly 6.0 to of empty weight our three filters are able to deliver more than 17,000 m³/h of seawater at 10 bar for a continuous cooling application of a refinery. By using the Bernoulli principle the patent declared filters have been designed and manufactured in close cooperation with the end-user and the EPC contractor.

By having 75 years of experience and a very healthy financially back ground it is a waltz for SAB executes projects like this size.

We are very proud of our performance and would like to thank to all our colleagues and sub-suppliers for the great support and teamwork!

Here is the bird's eye view of the filters.

And here you can see a picture of the loading.

December 2012


SAB would like to wish all our friends, customers, working partners and competitors all the very best for Christmas and good health and luck in 2013.

It is traditional for SAB at Christmas not to give individual presents but to make a donation to charity. This year SAB donated to “Ein Zuhause für Kinder” (A home away from home for children) a charity that supplies a creative environment for children.

November 2012

SCHÜNEMANN received the status as an authorised exporter for South Korea.

September 2012

25 Years of the SMM - 75 Years of SAB

The Marine Exhibition at the SSM in Hamburg and the Marine Valve and Filter Manufacturer SAB in Bremen had anniversaries in 2012, both celebrated notable Birthdays with the 25th Birthday for the SSM Marine Exhibition and the 75th Birthday for SAB.

SAB again proved itself for its innovative design and as part of their stand exhibits presented their latest Marine Turbine Engine Start Reducing Station. The station has been design to operate without droop enabling more onboard starts, weighing in at 400kgs the 2 stage system allows for a reduction from 330bar to 3.5bar with an air flow of 6000 Nm3/hr. The fact that the station has been proven, orders have been received and the first units are now in active service on board military ships led to many interesting conversations with our current and new working partners who have all shown interest in fitting the stations in their new build.

SAB will again be exhibiting at the 26th SSM Marine Exhibition in 2014 and looks forward to welcoming you all to our stand.

September 2012

Staff Bar BQ

On the 13th September, in recognition of the 75 years of Georg Schünemann GmbH, the Managing Directors of Rifox and Wilheims Sander Handel, two local Bremen Companies, invited all SAB staff to a lunch time Bar BQ.

The food was enjoyed by all present and the staff and Management of SAB wish to give their warm thanks to the “Grillmeisters” (Bar BQ Chefs).

August 2012


75 Year Birthday Celebration at SAB

On the 31st August, to honour the occasion of the 75th Birthday of Georg Schünemann GmbH, a celebration was held for all the staff, our company friends and our business and working partners at the renowned Hudson Event Loft in Bremen Úberseestadt (Overseas Town).

To start the evening all 200 guests met at the Martinianleger, a passenger ship jetty, near the centre of Bremen for a pre-party champagne and canapés cruse down river to the venue.

On arrival the evening continued to be one of enjoyment. The meal was excellent, the drink flowed and the formal speeches where kept short and interesting. The Master of Ceremonies for the evening was the Radio Bremen Presenter Dirk Böhling, the entertainment during the meal was from the singer Bonita accompanied on piano by Dennis Volk and an excellent and comical after-dinner speech was given by Professor Doctor Friedrich Faber from the Scharlatan Theatre in Hamburg.

A local artist was present and he painted a skyline view of Bremen on a tile split canvas which was broken down once finished in to 30cm by 24cm oblong individual pieces and every guest was presented with their own unique painting, a one off never to be repeated.

The evening was one of great success and enjoyed by all present. Donations received were presented to the charity “SOS Kinderdorf” (SOS Children’s Village)

June 2012

Second Place in national final for SAB-trainees

After our trainees had won the Bremen/Lower Saxony Regional Finals in May (see above) they lined up for the national final of the remote business game “playbizz” on 21 and 22 of June.

They reached an excellent second place and missed the overall victory only by a hairbreadth.  

Nationwide 250 teams were part of the remote business game.

We congratulate on this result!

June 2012

Self-cleaning filter for continuous cleaning

SAB has developed an automatic, continuous and non-contacting cleaning of solids.

A plant operator was looking for a self-cleaning filter with max. 1.6 m/s, 22,500 m3/h and 0.5 bar pressure. A solution has been found at a filter manufacturer who, in addition to a comprehensive product range of simplex and duplex filters, also has experience in special filter construction.[...]

Here is the whole article as a PDF.

May 2012

SAB trainees in the national finals of "playbizz" business game

After our trainees had won the first round of the "playbizz" remote business game against 11 teams from other companies, they took part in the Bremen/Lower Saxony Regional Finals on 11 and 12 May at Etelsen palace, against the six other group winners from Lower Saxony and Bremen. They were also successful there, finishing first and qualifying for the national finals in Aukrug. We congratulate them and wish them every success in the national finals!

February 2012

Pacific 2012 - Sydney
31st January to 3rd February 2012

Our 75th birthday year is looking to be a lucky year for SAB if the latest exhibition is anything to go by.

The Pacific 2012 exhibition in Sydney, Australia proved to be a very successful show for SAB with movement forward on existing projects and the new contacts made are now discussing their future needs with us.


June 2011

UDT 2011- London
7th to 9th June 2011

For the first time SAB has taken part in the UDT (Undersea Defence Technology) exhibition. The event takes place at a different location each year, this year it was held at the Excel Centre, beside the Thames in London. The SAB personnel on duty where Wolfgang Linster the MD, John Crawford the Director of SAB UK and Matthias Bollmann the Internal Sales Manager for the valves division.

The outcome from the exhibition far exceeded our expectations with many new contacts made and informative discussions held with both existing and prospective customers.

One star at the show was John Crawford who gave first aid to an exhibitor keeping him alive prior to the ambulance arriving to take him to hospital.

For SAB though, the real “Star of the fair”, was the SAB "TEA-SUB".

SAB will again exhibit at the UDT 2012 exhibition in ALICANTE and welcome all to our stand from the 29th to 31st May, 2012.

December 2010

SCHÜNEMANN receives the order to deliver the pre-filters for the drinking water abstraction in Shandong, China. The SAB automatic self cleaning filters of the type F450, which work according to the Bernoulli Principle, are part of the three-step drinking water treatment plang with pre-filtration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis in the Qingdao Desalination Project in the province Shandong.
The plant will reprocess 100.000m³ sea-water a day to drinking water and will support 500.000 people (press).

December 2010

As in the last years SCHÜNEMANN donates a charitable society for Christmas. In this year it is the SOS Kinderdorf in Worpswede.

Here you can download a newspaper article in German as a PDF.

November 2010

SCHÜNEMANN receives an order about Special Valves, Pressure-Reducing-Stations and Filters for the new generation of the Frigates F125 of the German Navy.

September 2010

SCHÜNEMANN receives the order to deliver automatic self-cleaning filters SAB F450 to the Arabian Chlorovinyl Company, Jubail.

August 2010

SCHÜNEMANN receives the order to deliver special Pressure-Reducing-Stations and Distributors for the new EGV (Einsatzgruppenversorger BONN) of the German Navy to support the fuel-filling at sea.

July 2010

On July, 1st 2010 Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Felix Krüger joined the “SAB-Command-Bridge” as our business administration manager.
We are glad 
to have won Mr. Krüger with his extensive knowledge and experiences from similar positions in international companies for SAB.
The company general meeting has granted Mr. Krüger commercial power of attorney.

July 2010

Since decades SCHÜNEMANN has been a training company for commercial and industrial trainees with a trainee rate of 10 %.

At the traditional SAB-Barbecue on July, 2nd 2010 we had the honor to congratulate one of the graduates on the overall grade “very good”.
Also one of our young colleagues reached a “very good” in the intermediate examination.
At the same time two new trainees for the SAB-team were welcomed.

October 2009

In October 2009 SCHÜNEMANN delivered special filters of the nominal diameters DN200 and DN250 for sea water filtration to an abroad customer.

June 2008-February 2009 - Econosto Nederland B.V. and SAB supply self-cleaning Automatic Filters Type F450 for residential area Duindorp near Den Haag with approx. 800 apartments

3 pieces F450 DN150 and 1 piece F450 DN100 have been started up successfully for protecting heat exchangers.  The heat exchanger units are being operated with harbour water in Scheveningen / NL.  Heat energy is taken from the seawater and further used by heat pumps.  By using sea water approximately 800 apartments are heated in winter and cooled during summer time.

The heating and cooling process depends on the ambient temperatures, so the heat exchangers are operating with flow rates of 60 – 1.030 m³/h. Several pumps and valves are integrated into an intelligent control system, supervised by a master control unit.

Hereby Econosto and SAB take part for environmentally friendly energy systems in HVAC.

October 2008 - Mashimpeks and SAB supplied Automatic Filters with Electrical Drives for Russian Power Plant

7 pieces Automatic Filters type F450 for continous filtration have been supplied in March 2008 to the power plant „Konakovskaja“ near Moscow.  Standard pneumatic driven actuators could not be used, due to the special operating conditions on site. According to special customer requirements the filters have been equipped with electrical actuators.

The design of the filters was made for flow rates from 500 m³/h up to 1.500 m³/h each. The filter bodies are made of galvanized carbon steel and medium contacted internal parts are made of stainless steel 1.4435 / 1.4571 / 1.4412. The filters are in use for the filtration of water from river Wolga. Solid particles and organisms are separated and flushed out automatically with highest safety and efficiency. Separated parts cannot enter the heat exchangers, whose efficiency is increased.


October 2008 - Mashimpeks and SAB supplied Jumbo Filter for Russian Fertilizer Plant

High flow rates up to 4.000 m³/h are no problem for our filter type F450. The filter DN600 made of GRP with internal parts made of stainless steel was supplied to the Russian fertilizer company „Beloretschenskije“ . The pneumatic actuators assure best reliability at lowest costs.

The economic treatment of cooling water is getting more and more into the focus of interest of various industries worldwide. Our filter systems are high valuable contributes for protection of natural resources and cost saving.   


September 2008 - World Innovation on the SMM 2008

SAB SCHÜNEMANN introduces a world innovation on the SMM 2008:

The 4/3-Way Valve DN 25 of the new type series "SAB Multiway Valves" for high pressure pneumatic systems up to 275 bar. It has been designed for extremely low leak-rates.

(Patent pending)

May 2008 - milestone for SAB - Continuation

The 50 pieces seawater filters, that have been shipped to Saudi Arabia in 2007, arrived on site. In the meantime the majority of the filters has been installed and started up successfully.

Large picture: Seawater filter in use.

November 2007 - Econosto Nederland B.V und SAB realise project "Kraanspoor" Automatic self cleaning filter F450 in building services engineering

In the port of Amsterdam a former shipyards area is to be integrated into a modern urban development project. The "Kraanspoor" building is part of a concept that includes ancient industrial memorials into modern architecture. The waste land in the harbour area was re cultivated.

Our filter F450-DN80 made of stainless steel 1.4571 with fineness 200 µm is installed for harbour water intake. This is for use in plate heat exchangers of the cooling system / air conditioning system. The filter is designed for flow rates from 38 - 80 m³/h.

October 2007 - SAB meets BASANT

Two automatic self cleaning filters type F450-DN600 have been successfully started up in April 2007 at BASF in Antwerpen / Belgium. The filters are in use for filtration of 4.700 m³/h brackish water in order to protect plate heat exchangers in the cooling water supply station.

The filter bodies and covers are made of glass fibre reinforced plastics (GRP), other medium contacted parts are manufactured from stainless steel 1.4539 with a strainer made of a perforated titanium plate. The combination of materials is very well proven many times in critical applications. This is important because the brackish water is taken directly out of the harbour.

September 2007 - milestone for SAB

The 50th type F450 jumbo format filter left the production hall in Bremen at the beginning of September for shipping to Saudi Arabia.

The filters are intended for the cooling water filtration in the world’s largest refinery under construction. Designed and built in accordance with the strict ASME guidelines and fitted with high quality Hastelloy® and titanium built-in parts, the 6 metre high GRP filters with an operating weight of 5.7 tons satisfy the highest quality requirements. Each filter is equipped with its own controller for the operation monitoring. The processing sequences are synchronised and thus optimally integrated in the overall control technology using a separate SAB master controller.

February 2007 - New manufacturing and mounting facilities at SAB

Further steps into the future after the opening ceremony of the new Product Assembly and Test Building of Schünemann.

To the benefit of our customers - SAB has now additional options to act in the special filter market.

February 2007 - Packed and ready for delivery

The first filters of the type F450 for one of the orders from the Arabic area are already packed and ready for delivery.

Before they have been approved accordning to the American ASME-X Code by international classification societies at new testbeds.

January 2007 - Grand Opening of the new Product Assembly and Test Building

On the 12th. January 2007 at 11.00hrs in the Bremen Head Office, Schuenemann (SAB) intend to hold a small reception to celebrate the official opening of our newly constructed assembly workshop.

We would like to invite and welcome all our working partners and friends from our filter, valve and pool divisions to visit us on this day, to attend the opening ceremony and participate in a tour of our manufacturing, assembly and test facilities to see for yourselves the controls use by SAB to ensure the quality of our products.

November 2006 - Schünemann supplies Automatic Backflush Filters type F450 DN300 to Greece

Psyttalia Wastewater Treatment Plant is the name of the project on Psyttalia Island, which is located in the Saronic Gulf, the bay of Athens and Piraeus.

Via pipelines the waste water is pumped from the mainland to the plant which is located 2.2 km southbound from Athens. The daily flow rate is approximately 1,000,000 m³/h. Schünemann Backflush Filters Type F450 are installed in the Sewage Sludge Drying Plant.